10 Marketing Ideas For Real Estate In 2023

Here comes 2023, and one thing you should be doing as a real estate marketer is channeling your energy and focus into ensuring that your real estate business goes to the next level this year in terms of expansion, growth, generation of more sales as well as attracting potential customers. Basically, what I’d call ‘promoting and selling your brand.’

Below are ten effective marketing ideas for real estate agents that would come in handy in ensuring that your real estate business yields forth the best results in 2023.

1. Start by building a real estate website

    By building a real estate website, as an agent, you increase your chances of getting or rather finding many clients, compared to when you don’t have a website. In addition, having a website helps you in delivering content to respectful clients. You can also use the site to list your prices and showcase your products hence giving visitors to the site a first impression of your business.

    How to build a successful website

    2. Consider using Instagram as a way to instigate interest

    Instagram is one great and amazing platform that you can use to market your property. Just as people use Instagram to post what’s going on in their lives, as a real estate agent, you can use this same platform to post pictures of your homes, write capturing captions about the pictures, targeting the right audience, that is, the real estate buyers.

    You can also use Instagram to interact with the buyers or, rather, your customers through the comment section and direct messages. Instagram also allows you as a real estate agent to exhibit your expertise which, on the upside, helps reach a wide number of customers, given that Instagram is a huge user base platform.

    3. Ensure your website is mobile responsive

    Building a real estate website is one thing, but ensuring that the site is mobile-responsive is another. You should always have that at the back of your mind while building your real estate website. A mobile responsive website impacts the business positively.

    For instance, when the site is mobile responsive, your customers don’t have to keep on resizing anything manually so as for them to view the content on your website while using their phones. Yes! it has to be an easy-breezy process for them, viewing your content from their phones.

    Given that most real estate buyers use mobile phones or even tablets, it’s wise enough as a real estate agent to ensure your website is mobile responsive because, in one way or another, that will for sure drive way more traffic to your site, which again is what you really want as a seller.

    4. Start writing real estate blogs

    This is 2023, and everyone is now writing blogs concerning their business, what kind of products and services they offer, and so on. You are not an exception, for that matter, so it’s high time you take the chance and dive in. Starting a real estate blog is one way of marketing your business since it gives you the chance to display your expertise in real estate. This can serve as one way of bringing closer engagement with potential home buyers.

    Through blogging, you are able to create amazing content for the public, and by so doing, you never know who is reading your blogs. I mean, the reader, in this case, may turn out to be one of your potential customers, so why not put all that information and expertise you have about real estate into writing? You’ll be surprised how much this can benefit you as a real estate agent.

    5. Team up with other real estate professionals and influencers

    Gone are the days when most real estate agents used to work against each other. Now they are working together in teams. This makes marketing even better and easier.

    Interacting with other real estate professionals and becoming a team with them helps bring in better work-life balance, expands your business opportunities, and also helps in providing more effective presentations for your clients. You should definitely consider implementing this technique as one essential real estate marketing strategy.

    6. Start a YouTube channel

    With YouTube comes video content, whereby video content is usually very important for any real estate business. For example, listing with video on real estate sites fosters more inquiries as compared to listing without video. YouTube has a high chance of making your videos go viral and get as many views from potential clients.

    YouTube also helps generate a high amount of traffic to the video you post, as well as to your website as an agent. This is a great tool for real estate marketing that you can use for your real estate business.

    7. Ask for reviews from your customers

    Reviews are really helpful when it comes to decision-making in business, attracting more clients, and building trust with your brand and potential customers before meeting up with them. Most potential buyers will rule out your brand if the reviews they see are not enchanting to them.

    Asking for reviews as an agent helps you build your reputation, given that most real estate buyers are always looking for sellers who have a good track record. Thus, the reviews they see help them with making decisions in terms of whether to buy property from you or not.

    8. Make use of Facebook for live streaming

    Facebook is one fantastic tool that you can use as a real estate agent to market your property. Facebook live streaming comes with benefits like; increasing brand awareness and more brand engagement with the audience; the audience can also share the streams in real-time and comment. You can imagine how helpful this is to your real estate business. You just get to market your business through Facebook, and by so doing, you gain more potential clients.

    To add on that, through Facebook live streaming, the potential customers get the opportunity to ask you questions concerning the property you are selling. As an agent, you have the opportunity to respond to them immediately, hence increasing the chances of your sales spiking up.

    9. Consider high-quality real estate photography

    The quality of photography is very important in any real estate business. This is one crucial way to advertise and market your real estate. One thing that captures a client’s attention when searching for a property to buy online is the images and videos. Thus, if the quality of the images and videos is low or not as good, then the client’s attention shifts from your site to another, and just like that, you’ll have lost a potential buyer.

    You have to see to it that you hire professional photographers to take photos and videos of the property you are selling because, trust me, you don’t want to have blurry images and videos on your site.

    10. Build an email list

    As a real estate agent, building an email list allows you to form relationships with your clients that are lasting and also form long-standing relationships with clients that are barely in the early stages of the home-buying process. Email listing also helps in creating a trusting connection between you, the seller, and the buyer.

    Email listing as a tool for marketing helps in beguiling potential customers, bolstering them, and also maintaining them. Creating a strong email list gives you imminent leads as well as direct access to your target audience and your existing customers.

    These are just but important key strategies or rather ideas you can implement as an agent in 2023 to market your real estate business and also make your business stand out from the rest.

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