Hellenah Linda

Hello, My name is Hellenah Linda. I embarked on freelance writing in 2020, never to regret my decision. Dipping my feet in the waters of freelance writing automatically added to my list of the things I have done right in life. It is my passion and an area I thrive in. If you want to join the freelance writing world, I am here to hold your hand and help you cross the hurdles in this industry. I find so much satisfaction in training and coaching freelance writers. I don't believe in gatekeeping because we are all in it to win. I share what I know and the strategies that have worked for me. If I can make a living out of freelance writing, you, too, can. Sign Up For my course today to get started. The course is designed to help you navigate the writing world as a beginner or a protean. The course is divided into different sections for ease of learning. Also, it comes with several assignments to help you implement what you learn and gauge your understanding of the course content. So, be sure to get great insights and information about the freelance writing industry at the end of the course. That said, feel free to connect with me through socials, and let's grow together.