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I have always had a passion for writing but didn't know where to start or who to run to for guidance. Luckily enough, I found out about Hellenah's freelance writing course, and I tried it. It has been two months since taking the course, and her course is a big eye-opener and a haven for valuable tips.
Kelvin Kovachi
From Dallas, USA
If you are a beginner in freelance writing, make sure you grab the online freelance writing course by Linda. The course content will put you in the know of everything you need when starting your writing career. It is for sure a course worth your coins.
Vesha Martinez
From Australia
Getting into writing without guidance and enough knowledge about the writing industry is a mistake you wouldn't wanna to make. This online course will equip you with incredible insights, tips, and knowledge on how to go about freelance writing. Just give it a shot. I know you will have great things to say about it afterward.
Fridah Nyaboke
From Nairobi, Kenya
Speaking of life-saving, I can attest that Hellenah's online course is a lifesaver. Her course is a haven for good finds. From learning how to write catchy articles and finding clients to writing winning proposals and much more. Thank you so much, Hellenah, for sharing your knowledge and experience.
Elijah Johns
From London, UK
Thank you, Hellenah, for giving me value for my money. Your freelance writing course is exactly what I needed to kickstart my journey. You are not someone who gatekeeps, which makes you stand out from other professionals I have come across. I enjoyed taking your course, and now I am reaping the fruits of it. Stay Blessed!
Mark Mulinge
From Nakuru, Kenya
As a beginner who had zero knowledge about freelance writing, but a desire to start writing I have only good things to say about Linda's freelance writing course. She really knows so much about writing and I find her examples and short stories in between the course content very educative. keep being the light we the beginners need.
Mercy Nzisa
From Nairobi, Kenya
This course has really challenged and educated me in ways I didn't imagine. I have now fully started my writing career after a long time of procrastination and fear of the unknown. Implementing what's in the course content has brought forth nothing but impeccable results. Thanks, Linda, for challenging me through your course!
Anneliese Rose
From Uganda
As someone who has taken the course and put into practice all the tips and advice shared in the course, I can boldly say that this is the best course about writing that I have come across. The content shared in the course helps you navigate the freelance writing industry with so much ease.
Jack Brown
From California

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