Top 5 Nail Designs To Try In 2022

While there are a variety of nail designs to try this year, there are best-trending designs that can’t go unmentioned. These top five nail designs can be achieved even in the comfort of your home, primarily if you are an arty soul that fancies DIYs.

However, you can get these nail designs done even in your local salon, whatever suits you best. My work here is to make it easier for you by giving you a list of the best designs to try first before trying out the rest of the nail designs we have this year.

So, how about we get started and have a look at the top five nail designs of 2022 that you should definitely give a try.

1. French Manicure Nail Design

The french manicure nail design has no limits to where you can wear it. This design can be worn in casual, corporate, and other settings. It is a design that oozes elegance, sophistication, and classy vibes.

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French manis feel modern and clean and not archaic. With this kind of design, the nails can be shaped either square or round, according to your preference and how you want the shape of your nails to look like.

White nail polish can be applied across the tip of your nails to make them look cuter. For more french manicure nail design ideas, you can check out the best French manicure ideas.

2. Cool Emerald Nail Design

If you are fed up with always wearing the typical nail colors, it’s time to try out the cool emerald nail design. Emerald green nail color is giving cool vibes this 2022. It’s an elegant color that would look really pretty on your nails.

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This nail design is perfect for chilled weather or, rather, cold weather. It is subtle, not bright, not shiny, but a stunning design for your pretty nails. In addition, this design allows decorating the nails with rhinestones just as you’d prefer, and you can also shape the nails according to the shape of your choice.

3. Checkerboard Nail Design

The checkerboard nail design is a must-try this 2022. This design oozes fashion and style. You can’t go wrong with checkered nails, whether black and white, pink, or bright and springy colors of your choice.

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Checkerboard nail design is now the big thing in nail art. This graphic pattern is now being incorporated into retro florals, mismatched manis, and french tips. It’s actually nearly impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing this nail design incorporated into other different designs.

One of the intriguing things about this design is its versatility. The design can be done in so many different ways and still come out stunning and appealing.

4. Mismatched Hands Nail Design

This nail design is for you if you are into a mismatch, playing around with colors, and trying out different color nails. This design is a cool trend you can wear during the winter season. You can mismatch different colors or shades just as you wish.

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Lilac and moss green are must-try shades for this design, for they look beautiful, unique, and stunning. This is your time to thrive with the mismatched hand nails. Now you don’t have to wear just one color on your nails.

It’s time for you to break the monotony and go extra. Mismatched hand nails design will allow as much creativity as you wish. It is a design that will enable you to show some real personality through your nails without holding back.

5. Retro Florals Nail Design

Are you looking for a stylish and sumptuous nail design this 2022? Then look no further. This retro floral nail design is the solution to your long search. This is one of the most beautiful nail designs you can’t live without and one you can’t go wrong with.

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With this design, you can choose a lighter nail tone for the background, then go all out with a flower of your choice that speaks to your heart or makes you feel cute and beautiful.

Examples of the shades that you can try out with this design are but are not limited to teal blue, lavender, mint green, pastel, turquoise, and white. However, you can go with any shade that best suits you.

Amazingly done nails boost your mood and make you look and feel beautiful and fashionable. The nail designs outlined in this article are a must-try this year if you are looking for an elegant, luxurious, and classy look, vibe, and feel.

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