Alo Yoga Vs Lululemon

Alo and Lululemon are well-known brands that offer high-quality workout clothes. If you are into yoga and working out, these are brands you need to check out for yoga wear. Both brands provide clothes that are similar based on size and price.

The difference comes in, in the clothes’ durability and style. Alo has yoga clothes that are suitable for yoga but can also be worn as streetwear. On the other hand, Lululemon provides yoga leggings for both men and women. Both brands have their advantages and disadvantages. They all focus on style and quality but have factors that distinguish them. Continue scrolling to learn more about these brands.

An Overview of Both Alo Yoga And Lululemon

Alo is a brand that deals with yoga wear for both men and women. This brand started in 2007 and has become one of the best brands for yoga wear. Alo Yoga has grown over the years; now, people can wear its outfits as streetwear or for everyday activities. This brand gets buzz for providing durable, high-quality, and comfortable yoga clothes.

Lululemon specializes in yoga leggings designed for both men and women. The brand has seemingly expanded and now sells all types of athleisure. The Lululemon leggings are made of a unique fabric that is perfect for working out and yoga sessions. It is a brand known to produce breathable, stretching, and friction resistance yoga wear.

Alo yoga leggings range from $78 to $138, while Lululemon leggings range from $98 to $138. In this case, it is safe to say that the price is slightly different between the two brands.

What Type Of Clothes Do Alo Yoga And Lululemon Offer?

Lululemon and Alo may have similarities in terms of the clothes they offer, but there seemingly is a difference in the variety of clothes offered. For example, Lululemon provides a wide array of clothes compared to Alo. Apart from yoga wear, Lululemon offers running outfits, hiking clothes, loungewear, Crossfit clothes, and even swimsuits. All these clothes are designed differently from each other to break the monotony and for buyers to have options.

Alo Yoga focuses more on yoga wear and loungewear. The Alo clothes are made of a more delicate fabric, meaning you can’t wear the clothes when going for high intense activities. You can only use the clothes when engaging in somewhat low-extreme activities like cycling.

Merits And Demerits Of Lululemon And Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga as a brand has merits and demerits, and so does Lululemon. Some of the advantages of Alo are that the athleisure clothes are of high quality, the brand has bolder fashion options, offers a thirty-day return window, and offers free shipping all over the world.

Additionally,  the prices are not so different compared to Lululemon; the clothes provided are durable, and various colors are available. On the flip side, Alo Yoga clothes sizes are somewhat limiting, and the brand is only offered in New York and California stores.

Lululemon offers durable and high-quality activewear outfits. The clothes come in a variety of colors and appealing patterns. The fabric used to make every piece is different from the others, depending on the workout type. The brand offers cost-free shipping in the United States and gives a return time frame of thirty days.

Clothes from Lululemon are available in almost all stores worldwide. Lastly, Lululemon is more recognizable and has positive reviews online. The downside of this brand is that the free shipping offer is only for people in the United States; otherwise, if you are not in the US, you will have to pay a shipping fee of $30. Also, this brand is not as sustainable as the Alo Yoga brand.

Examples Of Customer Reviews Based On Lululemon And Alo Yoga

Both Lululemon and Alo Yoga are excellent brands. They offer great products, but like any other brand, customers always have something to say about these two brands. Some say that Lululemon has long-lasting and high-quality products and is an excellent brand for high-intensity workouts and activities.

Others say Alo is a fantastic brand for casual outfits but not a practical brand compared to Lululemon because most clothes don’t have pockets. Besides, some customers say Alo Yoga has activewear pieces that can be worn as streetwear and look more stylish.

Bottom Line

With the never-ending debate about these two brands, it is clear that they are both great brands providing amazing activewear outfits. The prices are almost similar; they only differ in quality, style, and durability. The brands are significant, depending on what you want to get. If it’s clothes for low intense activities, Alo is the brand for you. However, if it is clothes for more intense activities, then Lululemon is your go-to brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Between Alo Yoga and Lululemon, which is the best brand?

They are both great brands. Each is best depending on different factors. For example, when it comes to durability, Lululemon takes home the title, while Alo Yoga takes the title for the most fashionable and luxurious everyday wear.

2. Which brand provides a quality guarantee between Alo Yoga and Lululemon?

Lululemon provides quality guarantee and assurance. You can’t go wrong with Lululemon’s activewear.

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