Are You In The Right Relationship?

Relationships are fun, exciting, and full of passion and romance, but in this day and age, relationships seem to have taken a different turn. Nowadays, it’s pretty much hard to find and maintain a healthy relationship, one that is solid and long-lasting. I’m sure I am not the only person who’s been pushed to the edge of questioning a relationship, not once, not twice, in terms of whether it’s the right relationship or just flogging a dead horse.

Probably, you’ve sailed the same boat before, or even you are in such a situation right now, questioning if you are in the right relationship and seemingly not finding the right answers to your intermittent questions. Well, let me save you time and energy. Below are some qualities you can check out that will help you figure out if you are in the right relationship. So let’s dive straight into it.

1. Your intuition tells you that you are in the right relationship

    First things first, as cliche as it may sound, your intuition will always tell you when something is right or wrong. The only problem we have is that we tend to ignore that deep inner voice of conviction and end up getting caught up in situations we could have avoided had we listened keenly to our gut feeling.

    When you are in the right relationship, trust me, you will have a strong feeling attesting to that. You will feel it in your gut that ‘this is it,’ and though you may have some doubts with you, that strong gut feeling will overshadow all the doubts you have.

    2. You experience a sense of peace and safety in the relationship

    When you are in the right relationship, you happen to be so much at peace most of the time, and this comes with feeling safe as well. Speaking for myself, I mostly use this quality to rule out if I am in the right relationship or not because come on, no one wants to be in a relationship where they don’t feel safe and at peace. Do you often feel safe and at peace in your relationship, or are you always stressed, insecure, and unsafe? Your answer to this question will say it all.

    3. You and your partner value open communication and vulnerability in the relationship

    A relationship that has open communication and vulnerability from both parties is a relationship that is set to progress and last longer. Does your partner allow you to speak your mind, do they listen to you and allow you to be vulnerable with them, and do you do the same for them? Do you guys call each other out from a place of love, of course, when either of you is in the wrong, or do you overlook things and hide your feelings and the flawed sides of you so as not to push the other away?

    With the right relationship, having open communication and being vulnerable will bring you closer and grow to be the best of friends instead of tearing you two apart. It helps cement your relationship, for that matter.

    4. You are supportive of each other and have each other’s best interests at heart

    There’s no better feeling than being in a relationship where you feel supported and cheered on. The right relationship comes with support that pushes you and encourages you to work harder and pursue your dreams and goals in life. You try as much as you can to support each other and, if anything, become each other’s cheerleader or, rather, what I call a ‘solid support system’.

    You can tell whether you are in the right relationship by how much desire and passion you have towards achieving your goals because, behind the scenes, your partner is pushing you to become the best version of yourself and not daunting you. You tend to be more focused on you two winning together and succeeding in life as one.

    5. There’s mutual respect, trust, and loyalty in the relationship

    When in the right relationship, these three seem to come off naturally because you and your partner value each other. You need to feel respected in any relationship, trusted, loved, and cared for, and you need to reciprocate that as well. With the right relationship, you won’t have to experience any sort of disrespect, disloyalty, or even a lack of trust from your significant other. Do you feel respected and trusted in the relationship? Do you respect and trust your partner? You have the answers with you.

    As I say, the answers are always in the tiniest little of things we mostly tend to ignore from the very start of a relationship, so please don’t ignore the red flags and try to paint them green because you will only be fooling yourself.

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